A COVID mitigation plan of the Biological Cryo-EM Center

A COVID mitigation plan of the Biological Cryo-EM Center,

Date effective from 17th Feb 2022 till further notifications

A COVID mitigation plan of the Biological Cryo-EM Center, effective from 17 Feb 2022

To all the Biological Cryo-EM Center users,

As the Hong Kong COVID situation continues to worsen, according to the University’s plan on implementing mitigation measures for access to our laboratories and research facilities. Our Biological Cryo-EM Center (facility) will also join the plan and support the University’s  and the Government’s efforts on COVID transmission control.

The current operation mode of our facility is as following, all our users please follow the hygiene measures tightly.

  1. Accessibility to trained/skilled users only. No guest is allowed till further notifications.
  2. 75% ethanol for hands cleaning is provided (near entrance, on the shelf of RM2230L), please clean your hands first before starting experiments.
  3. During the stay in our facility, please wear mask properly all the time.
  4. No food or drinks allowed in the facility.
  5. All users, including UST external and internal users, must scan ‘LeaveHomeSafe’ QR code before entering the lab.
  6. One person only in each laboratory room.
  7. No gathering allowed in the facility.
  8. When the user is ever found not following the hygiene measures, he/she will be asked to stop their experiment and leave the facility immediately.

‘Our goal is to prioritise health and safety while managing the impact on our academic activities. A positive COVID case associated with a lab will likely necessitate the temporary closure of the lab, with a significantly larger impact on the research program’.

Let’s make all our efforts together, protecting the health for each other, helping to control the quick spread virus, and minimising the negative impact to our research.

Biological Cryo-EM Center