Menin “reads” H3K79me2 mark in a nucleosomal context

Methylation of histone H3 lysine-79 (H3K79) is an epigenetic mark for gene regulation in development, cellular differentiation, and disease progression. However, how this histone mark is translated into downstream effects remains poorly understood owing to a lack of knowledge about its readers. We developed a nucleosome-based photoaffinity probe to capture proteins that recognize H3K79 dimethylation (H3K79me2) in a nucleosomal context. In combination with a quantitative proteomics approach, this probe identified menin as a H3K79me2 reader. A cryo–electron microscopy structure of menin bound to an H3K79me2 nucleosome revealed that menin engages with the nucleosome using its fingers and palm domains and recognizes the methylation mark through a π-cation interaction. In cells, menin is selectively associated with H3K79me2 on chromatin, particularly in gene bodies.

Overall structure of menin-H3K79me2 nucleosome complex

Citation: Jianwei Lin et al. ,Menin “reads” H3K79me2 mark in a nucleosomal context.Science379,717-723(2023). DOI:10.1126/science.adc9318